Our Services:

Web Design

Website Design

From start to finish, e-commerce to galleries, we create custom sites for your brand. We can also customize DNN, WordPress, or other website setups.

Web Development

Website Development

HTML5, JavaScript, J-Query, DNS, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress are some of the methods we use. We can also set up a content management system for you.



Get found more easily online with our professional SEO services . We work with keywords, optimization, backlinks and submissions to move your site to the front!


Mobile Optimization

Mobile views have surpassed desktop views this year. How will your site look? We style your site for the best mobile views using responsive layout or other solutions.


Web Hosting

Lynx Websites shared hosting is free for our Custom-Website clients for the first year. This free hosting has ftp and email with your own domain (separate domain cost).


Graphics, Cartoons & Logos

Original graphics and illustrations help bring more interest to your website. Custom-Website clients receive a FREE LOGO!








Do you love your Website?

SEO Special
Regularly $200 or more! We work on:
  1. Keywords
  2. Optimization
  3. Validation
  4. Backlinks
  5. Submissions
Save + $75 if you purchase by Feb 28!

toggle Read Lyn and Lynxter cartoon
Hey Lynxter! Hey Lyn! I have a poem for you! Does it begin with 'roses are red'? No, it's better than that. Okay let's hear it. Okay: How do I love thee, let me count the ways. -- One, I love your cool hair. Thanks, I wash it every day... with spit ... ... ugh! ...Two, I love the hats you wear ... but I don't wear hats Shh, it rhymes!... Three, But, ... shh! Three, I love the results from the SEO. Four, I love my custom site with the free logo! Wow, it rhymed! of course it did. That was nice, thanks Lyn!You're welcome Lynxter, I can always count on you!Very clever, Lyn! , ... By the way, what's SEO? It's in the text below, you wrote it, silly. Oh yeah, I know. I just thought it meant something different this time. Like what? Like 'Special Extra Olives' or something. Olives!? You know, the Special Extra olives ...I have no idea what you're talking about, Lynxter! -- like olive-R, olive-S, olive-T and olive .... What? What comes after olive-T Lyn? Olive-U? I love you too Lyn! What? ... oh, Lynxter! close © Patrice Reynolds

Does your Website love you too? Websites can have the same joys and problems as people relationships you know -- Is your site showing up? Is it responsive and interesting?

Have you been neglecting to give your website attention lately? Do you still have the title for last month's article on your home page? (last month 2 years ago? uh-oh!) It's February --- It's time to give your Website a little Valentine SEO Therapy!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your site needs SEO to show up in searches when people are looking for something online (like Googling). The better the SEO of your website, the better its ranking will be and will leadi to your site being visited more often, which can lead to more sales, donations, or people being educated, or whatever your site goals are.

Google algorhithms change frequently, but there are two things predicted to count more for SEO this year.-- One is content and the other will be mobile-friendly sites.

Our Lynx SEO Pro Package ($200) will include Keyword research and advice, professional website optimization reports showing what you need to do to have fully optimized and validated web pages. We may be able to impliment some of the optimizations within the package, but if major changes need to be made to your website we can work on that for you in an extra project. We also optimize backlinks and make submissions as part of this package. Let us do some SEO work for your site -- Contact us today!


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