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Our home office is located in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Phone: 440-709-6578

Office hours vary so please leave a message if we aren't able to answer your call.

About Lynx Web Sites

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Lynx Web Sites was started as a family business in 2011 by Patrice Reynolds.

Patrice was in the dark about how to use a computer until about 1993 when she began learning vector illustration and Photoshop art.

In 2008, Patrice began studying Web Design and computer programming online at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and earned a Web Design diploma in December, 2009.

Lynx Web Sites was founded in 2011 with the hopes that the younger members of the family will be a part of the company in years to come. In the meantime, this one-person-company-Mom (who uses "we" for all company references) is really enjoying designing and developing Websites and would love to make a super Web site for you!

This is What We Do: This is What We Want You to Do:

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The Story of "Lynxter"

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Drawing <br />Fort Hays State University

Lynxter grew up in a small town in the MidWest. While all the other lynx cubs were out chasing bunnies, Lynxter would often be found in the back of his mother's faux fur store drawing pictures, aided by his brother, Lynxter the Great.

Lynxter graduated from high school, then went on to college and later took online classes studying Web Design and Programming, receiving a Web Design diploma in December of 2009. Lynxter was the only lynx to graduate from the school and was given special honors for leaping the longest distance.

In 2011 Lynxter started his own Web Design Company. And Lynxter has been designing Web sites happily ever after.

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